The young'uns are arriving

Nala (Nubian) had triplets! This playful trio really enjoyed the warmer weather this weekend. They are a buck (far left) and two does (center and right). Announcement on names yet to come.

Shannon (toggenburg) greets her new buck and doe. Names are already picked for this cute pair - Shelby and Shiloh.

Nettie (Nubian) delivers the first kids of the season! The girl and boy are doing well! Official names to be announced soon.

Safe rails, Tyrone...

Former Sandburg park superintendent Tyrone Brandyburg is now looking after Harpers Ferry.

March is the first month in the last 54 months the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site has been without the guidance of Tyrone Brandyburg, park superintendent. Tyrone was promoted to be in charge of the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park on the West Virginia-Virginia-Maryland border, one of the jewels of our national park system. Everyone misses Tyrone and is adjusting to not seeing his Kansas license plate in the parking lot - although Tyrone hails from South Carolina he maintains an abiding affection for the Sunflower State and his time as Chief of Interpretation at the newly formed Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site in Topeka. In his stead Steven Kidd, Resource Management Chief, is keeping the park humming along. Here is a tribute video to Tyrone produced by park volunteer Richard Labunski.